Chances are… death may not be the end

The monitor shows a flat-line. There’s no pulse—the mirror, fogless. At that moment science and speculations are silenced. Time of death? Who knows, but it will happen to everyone—call it. At no moment in our lives is the good news of Jesus more vital than at that moment when we breathe our last breath.

Many who have rejected the existence of God hold the opinion that the moment they die, they will merely cease to exist—absorbed into the universe at best, or maybe just become worm food. They seem to be OK with the ancient adage of simply living on in other people’s memories.Whatever you believe happens when you die, the gospel holds out an invitation for life with God… Click To Tweet

Others hold the hypothesis that there are eternal “options.” Maybe it’s a bifurcation of eternal life where one either “laughs with the sinners or cries with the saints”—party hard or play the harp for the rest of time. Then, of course, there’s the vortex of reincarnation. Just check the box for your preferred eternal status.

As light and frivolous as that sounds, it demonstrates the human desire to keep going. There is an aspiration—a gnawing sense that there must be more than this. People long to see their loved ones—or in some cases, their pets—once again. This aspiration comes from that inner inkling that says, “This life can’t be all that there is.” So, for many, the afterlife has almost become another human right.

There’s a reason for this. The Christian worldview declares that the One who created us also placed the longing for eternity in our hearts. It’s part of our DNA.
It also says with great confidence that the trajectory of our human condition is death and that this eternal life we all long for is a gift of God.

Whatever you believe happens when you die, the gospel holds out an invitation for life with God forever—where you are meant to be. This invitation can only be made because of what God did for us through Jesus Christ. Jesus went through that experience of breathing his last breath, but he didn’t stay dead. God raised him up, showing us that death doesn’t have to be the end.

The only way that becomes possible is to put your trust in the one who overcame death and is on the other side of death. The Apostle Paul asks the rhetorical question, “Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?” His answer is “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:55-57) The alternative is that without Christ, death wins and the sting of it lingers.

Life beyond the grave is not a given, it’s a gift. To those who put their trust in Christ, the first breath after their last breath will be taken in the presence of God. You were created for much more than just worm food. Respond to God’s invitation of life.

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