Chances are… trust doesn’t come easy

“Trust me” is one of the most powerful phrases anyone can utter. When someone use those words they are asking for another person to take them at their word—to believe in their promise or proposition.

There may not be a more valuable thing in this world than trust. We trust that the money we put in the bank will be there when we go to withdraw it. We trust that our friends have our best interests at heart. And yet, there may be nothing more elusive than trust.#ChancesAre a track record builds trust. God doesn't just say, 'Trust me because I said so.' Click To Tweet

Ronald Reagan cleverly said, “Trust, but verify.” We do it all the time. We trust that when a traffic light turns in our favour that opposing traffic will stop. However, if we’re wise, we still check before proceeding to ensure no one is violating the rules. When a physician recommends a certain treatment, we often get other opinions or do a Google search for more information to reassure ourselves that what’s been recommended is indeed the best option.

The Christian worldview does not ask us to trust blindly. The Bible speaks about a trust based on God‘s prior activity and encourages us to verify that what it says is true.

Inspirational author, Stephen Covey called trust, “the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” We can’t survive in relationships without a certain level of trust. Imagine a husband or wife wondering every moment if their spouse was being faithful to them. Perhaps something happened to erode the trust with which they first began. That is no way to live in a marriage. Healthy relationships are built on trust.

A faithful track record builds trust. God doesn’t just say, “Trust me because I said so.” God says, “Trust me because I’ve proven myself over and over to be faithful.” You can put your trust in God because God will never let you down. God is always trust-worthy.

While it may be difficult to put a price on trust, God did. Jesus gave his life for us. In doing that, Jesus said, “You can trust me. You can trust that what I’ve said is true. You can trust me with your life because I’ve given mine for you. You can trust that I’ll be there for you in every situation in life.”

It’s possible that people may erode our trust. In fact, sometimes the closer they are to us—or the more we look up to them—the greater that erosion will be. That can make us more reluctant to trust. But the more we trust God—the closer we are to him — the more God proves to be faithful. And even though others may fail us, God has and always will be faithful.

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