Chances are… it takes more than sex to satisfy

You’d never know it by what you see in the movies and on television, but sex isn’t all there is to life. Few entertainment streams are void of sexual content and lures. Web advertisement and spam emails try to convince people that their sex lives could be so much better if they just purchased a certain product or popped a certain pill. Magazine covers promise 10 ways to please your lover.

Be it the sexual humor and double entendres on sit-coms or the gratuitous sexual scenes on cable and Netflix series or the sexual suggestions in magazines at the checkout counter, very few can avoid the lurid detail.

Pornography aggravates matters as it displays objectified sex, not to mention the violence it perpetuates against women. It implies that everyone wants casual sex and that everyone is available or can be lured into it easily. After all, women and men are unable to resist because after all that’s just who we are.

Some posit that we are no different than animals? So why expect human beings to act any differently? We have primal desires that are meant to be satisfied—so satisfy them.  Websites like Tinder and Ashley Madison play off this as they promote readily available no-strings sexual encounters and encourage marital infidelity.

However, a fair question to ask would be this: Is there more to life than ‘hooking up?’ Are we more than our urges? Is biology destiny? Do we want more from ourselves and our relationships than one-night stands? Will we simply keep stripping away at what is sacred in each of us in order to feel momentary, sometimes one-sided exhilaration?

The Christian worldview holds that we are more than animals. In fact, we’re in a different class altogether, and that even though we are sexual beings with sexual desires, we are not beholden to them and that they don’t own us. We are created to be in and to foster healthy, faithful relationships in which we are valued, not because we ‘put out’ but rather because of what has been put in us, which is the indelible image of God.

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Our sexuality is a part of that image. It’s as sacred as life itself and should not be thrown around or taken advantage of to satisfy one’s impulses. The Song of Songs in the Old Testament describes a young amorous couple absorbed in physical love wrapped in a deeply committed relationship. It describes sex is a result of intimacy not a substitute for it.

When we see ourselves as a deeply loved daughters or sons of God, we will see ourselves and others differently, because we are not simply primates using each other to scratch an itch, but people who are meant to experience intimacy with one another and to serve one another and to expose that sacred image of God in one another.

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Michelle Tepper is a speaker for RZIM in the US, teaching worldwide on a number of subjects, including the problem of pain, God’s character, sex, relationships, and love. Since 2011, Michelle has been speaking overseas as a part of the RZIM European team and as a guest lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Prior to joining the RZIM staff, Michelle worked for six years as the University Chaplain for St. Aldate’s—a thriving, historic, student friendly church located in the heart of Oxford. Michelle has strong ties to Oxford since she met and married her husband there. While studying abroad at Oxford University, she finished her bachelor’s degree in political science from Stetson University. Michelle then went on to pursue further studies in theology at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) and was part of the OCCA’s first graduating class. Michelle and her husband, Peter, live in Florida with their daughter, Sophia.